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About Us

The concept of International Summer Schools originates in American universities. It is aimed at utilizing high-quality teaching resources of universities which tend to be idle during summer vacations, to enrich students’ summer experience. By attending summer schools, students can experience world-class education at home as well as various learning and academic environment shaped in different universities.

For Shanghai Jiao Tong University, running ISS is an opportunity to attract professors and students from universities all around the world to our campus and class,which further facilitates the collision,exchange and integration of different thoughts here. It offers our university fresh vitality and diverse international vision.

After one-year preparation, the School of Continuing Education of Shanghai Jiao Tong University establishes the International Summer School. It is designed for undergraduate students, international students, and high school students.

The Summer School offers students studied with a precious chance to gear to the world top university education, effectively supplementing current international communication programs of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

In 2019, SJTU SCE Summer School will open three sessions in June, July and December/January. The first session is from May 27 to June 27,  the second session is from July 15 to August 9,and the third session is from December 16 2019 to January 7 2020. All the courses are designed to teach in a face-to-face form with a small class size, fewer than 70 students. The courses cover the field of Economics, Business, Social Science, Humanity, and Mathematics etc. In June and July session, students are allowed to take 3 courses at most; in December/January session, students are allowed to take 2 courses at most. Each course bears 4 credit units.

Each June, July and December/January from now on, Shanghai Jiao Tong University would like to warmly welcome all the international summer school professors and students all over the world to meet and know each other here and to create wonderful and unique memories.